Moneyfix® rent deposit

What is Moneyfix® rent deposit?

Moneyfix® is an insurance for private tenants to provide the landlord with a housing deposit in accordance with the German law. Moneyfix® has an unlimited guarantee on first demand with the waiver of objection for appeal, of summation and the benefit of discussion. 

Cost structure

  • Service fee: non-recurring 50 Euro when signing the contract
  • Service fee: annual 10 Euro (from the 2. year)
  • Annual premium: 5% of the deposit amount
  • Awarded as the best product by Focus Money
  • In case of damage, the landlord is covered, independently of the premium payment by the tenant

Housing deposit with Moneyfix ® rent deposit

  • No need of transferring cash or the use of a bonded savings account
  • No additional securities needed
  • Easy and fast application with real time creditworthiness check and acceptance
  • No minimum duration of the insurance contract with exact billing


Please provide your apartment number in the field additional address under "Personal Data" when filling out an application.